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Jun 10

Blood PressureMonitoring Made Easy and Hassle free

www.medicalsupply123.com is very pleased to bring you the UA-611, the latest and greatest blood pressure monitor from A&D medical. The UA-611 is really easy to use and hassle free, giving you the right amount of features to make it both user friendly and convenient too. The UA-611 features a 15 memory recall giving you a generous amount of memory, perfect for when you’re at home or on the go.

The UA-611 offers some really great features such as:
*Diastolic and Systolic pulse rates are shown simultaneously, for a quick and easy review.
*A&D’s exclusive Propriety Pressure Rating indicator, which provides a snapshot of the users blood pressure according to US JNC7 guidelines.
*Irregular Heartbeat Detection- this feature will detect an irregular heartbeat while still providing an accurate reading.

The UA-611 gives you speed and accuracy with ease of a one touch button, the UA-611 has developed a reputation of being one of the most efficient and user friendly blood pressure monitors currently available on the market giving you approximately 700 readings before requiring a battery change which will be indicated to you with its low battery indicator.

The UA-611 also come s with the A&D Slim Fit Cuff which fits arm circumferences of 9.0-14.6. The Slim Fit Cuff is simple to use and is metal and latex free, comes with a 3 year warranty and a 5 yr. warranty on the UA-61 monitor.

The UA-611 makes keeping track of your blood pressure levels easy and as comfortable as possible whether in the comfort of your own home or on the go. If you have any questions about the UA-611 or any of our other blood pressure monitoring items feel free to contact www.Medicalsupply123.com or call 718-431-0548.

Blood Pressure Monitor UA-611