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Jun 10

Blood PressureMonitoring Made Easy and Hassle free

Blood Pressure Monitor UA-611

www.medicalsupply123.com is very pleased to bring you the UA-611, the latest and greatest blood pressure monitor from A&D medical. The UA-611 is really easy to use and hassle free, giving you the right amount of features to make it both user friendly and convenient too. The UA-611 features a 15 memory recall giving you a …

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Sep 19

The Power of Chromium

The Power of Chromium

Mason brings you a large variety of vitamins and supplements that have the ability to assist in achieving and maintaining proper health . In todays world of “on the go” everything we need or want seems to be at our… fingertips, but as much as we try to beat the system when it comes to …

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Aug 23

Exercise With Dumbbells And Other Freestyle Weights

exercise dumbells

Before you purchase a set of dumbbells lets first understand some basics. Generally dumbbells are used for weight training and muscle strengthening. When you exercise with dumbbells it falls under the category of free weight training because you are not attached to a machine or any device. Dumbbells are similar in shape to a barbell …

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