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Medical Supplies

Jun 10

Blood PressureMonitoring Made Easy and Hassle free

Blood Pressure Monitor UA-611

www.medicalsupply123.com is very pleased to bring you the UA-611, the latest and greatest blood pressure monitor from A&D medical. The UA-611 is really easy to use and hassle free, giving you the right amount of features to make it both user friendly and convenient too. The UA-611 features a 15 memory recall giving you a …

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Dec 19

Holiday savings On DuoDerm Hydrocolloid Dressings – Buy Now

Buy DuoDerm wound care products at Medicalsupply123.com

Medicalsupply123.com great Holiday specials continue, featuring 2 great products the DuoDerm 187660 and the 187955 from ConvaTec- makers of superior wound care support Products. ConvaTec’s Duoderm Extra Thin Dressings are moisture-retentive wound dressings utilized to treat partial and full-thickness wounds with exudate. DuoDerm incorporates a unique ConvaTec hydrocolloid formula that stands out among from other …

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Dec 05

Buy the Freestyle Freedom Lite at a Great Price

buy the freestyle lite at a great price in honor of the holidays

Holiday specials To help you get into the holiday spirit of giving we @ medicalsupply123.com your one stop connection to medical supplies at already discounted prices, are going to be featuring some even greater holiday discounts to get you into that wonderful holiday spirit. The Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring system Our current special is …

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Nov 19

Masons Collagen Beauty Cream

Masons Collagen Beauty Cream for less

Mason Collagen Beauty Cream What are the Benefits of Using Masons Collagen Beauty Cream? Made with 100% pure collagen, Mason Collagen Beauty Cream helps form firm, tight and supple skin, giving that youthful glow and appearance.  Masons unsurpassed high quality anti-aging moisturizer cream that is formulated with 100% pure collagen which provides elasticity to the …

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Nov 07

Aquacel ag

Aquacel ag helps promote and facilitae healthy wound healing

what is Aquacel Ag? Aquacel Ag is a foundation wound dressing made from sodium carboxymethylcellulose (NaCMC) containing 1.2% silver in an ionic form. The NaCMC is produced as a material fiber and is woven into a fleece like material held together through a needle bonding process. Aquacel Ag is available both as a `ribbon’ for …

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Oct 31

Clinton recovery couches

clinton recovery couch 3770 recovery couch with sliding doors and storage

  Medicalsupply123.com offers a variety of recovery couches custom made to your specific color requirements. Clinton recovery couches are perfect for the school or business infirmary. Clinton recovery couches are built to give comfort without compromising durability. Medicalsupply123.com has many options to choose from in a large spectrum of upholstery and laminate colors which are …

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Sep 19

The Power of Chromium

The Power of Chromium

Mason brings you a large variety of vitamins and supplements that have the ability to assist in achieving and maintaining proper health . In todays world of “on the go” everything we need or want seems to be at our… fingertips, but as much as we try to beat the system when it comes to …

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Sep 06

Clinton Scale Tables

Clinton Pediatric Scale Tables

The Clinton Scale Table Clinton industries pediatric scale tables are constructed of furniture grade laminate, with reinforced stress points. Clinton industries prides itself on its safe and secure well built furniture,but when it comes to its pediatric line of furniture Clinton industries goes way beyond the extra mile to to assure child safety. Clinton’s pediatric …

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Sep 03

Clinton’s Pediatric Exam Tables Are Funtastic!

Clinton Pediatric Exam tables and Cabinets Clinton Fun Series Exam Tables And Cabinets Clinton Fun Series Exam Tables And Cabinets are designed Specifically for Pediatric Offices in mind. The Clinton fun Series Exam Tables are designed wi th kid friendly graphics and fun themes that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the most unhappy …

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Jun 28

Fruit and Vegetables Vitamins


Fruits and Vegetables Your GPS To A Healthy Body Eating a balanced diet is the only way to achieve a truly healthy body. There is really no outsmarting your body when it comes to proper nutrition. Sometimes within the hustle and bustle of our chaotic society we have a tendency to neglect ourselves and grab …

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