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Oct 31

Clinton recovery couches


clinton recovery couch 3770 recovery couch with sliding doors and storage

Clinton recovery couches perfect for first aid recovery perfect for infirmaries and first aid triage rooms

Medicalsupply123.com offers a variety of recovery couches custom made to your specific color requirements. Clinton recovery couches are perfect for the school or business infirmary. Clinton recovery couches are built to give comfort without compromising durability. Medicalsupply123.com has many options to choose from in a large spectrum of upholstery and laminate colors which are easy to maintain.

The Clinton 3770 features a cabinet-style recovery couch with sliding doors and extra storage.
The Clinton 3770 features an easy-to-clean all laminate construction, with sliding doors it also features an adjustable pillow wedge headrest as well as a built-in paper dispenser, resembling the many other recovery couches manufactured by Clinton Industries

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