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Aug 23

Exercise With Dumbbells And Other Freestyle Weights

exercise dumbellsBefore you purchase a set of dumbbells lets first understand some basics. Generally dumbbells are used for weight training and muscle strengthening. When you exercise with dumbbells it falls under the category of free weight training because you are not attached to a machine or any device.

Dumbbells are similar in shape to a barbell but are just smaller and its it this smaller size that makes it ideal for a workout in your home or even on the go, while traveling and even during your lunch break at work.

Working out with dumbbells has numerous benefits , aside from muscle strengthening it also aids in maintaining good balance and proper posture. When exercising with dumbbells the freestanding movement utilizes the stabilizing muscles which are very important in strength training by causing your muscles to become more toned, and as a result turning your fat into muscle while strengthening your bones which in later years will guard you from osteoporosis and other muscle and bone deficiencies.

Before you start any type of exercise regimen consult with a professional. Here are some basics for getting started with freestyle weight training such as working out with dumbbells:

  1. Warm up – do a basic warm up by stretching, to help loosen up your muscles
  2. More is not always merrier- When you are lifting weights of any kind make sure you are lifting at a comfortable weight, overexerting yourself will hurt you and leave you with permanent damage . Recent studies have shown that lifting lighter weights is equally effective to lifting heavy weights you just have to do enough repetition till your muscles are tired.

Try to find exercises that will aid you in achieving the muscles and strength you want in the areas you need it.

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